March 23, 2023

Five Reasons Why Hiring a Fractional CMO Fails to Meet Expectations

When you hire a fractional CMO, everyone’s excited.

The company gets a marketing leader; the CMO gets a new gig.

But the engagement quickly goes off the rails for the following reasons.

• A product that doesn't meet a need (product is king) and demand is low. Marketers may be smart and experienced, but they're not miracle workers.


• The CEO is mostly interested in generating leads (short-term thinking and a red flag) and doesn't want to invest in the brand.


• There is no strong commitment to marketing and a cautious investment approach.The company wants to talk the talk but not walk the walk.


• The company doesn't do any marketing, and it's not clear why they want to do marketing other than it seems like a good thing.


• The CEO is not willing to engage and collaborate; they're someone who thinks FCMO will perform magic.

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