December 16, 2021

Why you need to explore opportunities to embrace TikTok

TikTok is a popular and seductive creature.

But is it the channel for B2B SaaS companies?

Does it make sense to embrace TikTok OR focus on more “traditional” channels like Linkedin, Twitter, conferences, Webinars, and content marketing?

For many businesses, TikTok is a non-starter. It’s not a good fit as a marketing or sales vehicle OR it’s not enough of a priority to invest time and money into.

But for some businesses, TikTok is a no-brainer, including B2B SaaS companies.

The audience is increasingly older and lucrative. In the U.S., 40.2% of TikTok users had household incomes of more than US$100K.

In other words, it is impossible to ignore that there are enough people on TikTok who fall into your target market.

They’re on the platform consuming a lot of video content. Meanwhile, you’re on the sidelines and not engaging with them.

My advice: take a deep dive into TikTok to learn more about who’s using and what they’re doing.

As important, do a competitive analysis to learn from other B2B SaaS companies.

What are they doing? What are they doing right? What mistakes are they making?

Then, talk to your customers to see if TikTok is part of their digital consumption portfolios.

If so, how are they using it? How do they feel about companies having a presence? What companies stick out as doing a good job?

At this point, there are a few options:
– It’s obvious that TikTok has potential so it’s time to put together a strategic plan and dip your toe in the water.

Even if there aren’t a big number of customers on TikTok, you want to get ahead of the curve. Be there first.

– Put TikTok on the wait-and-see list rather than jumping on the bandwagon. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on other platforms.

– Jump into the fray ASAP to learn how to leverage TikTok before competitors arrive on the scene.

Personally, I think TikTok will become a go-to channel for many B2B SaaS companies.

As the platform grows and people use it in different ways, TikTok could be a powerful marketing and sales tool for companies to attract, engage and educate.

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