May 20, 2021

Does your B2B content pass the “Kindergarten Test”?

When a kindergarten teacher reads to six-year-olds, the “content” must be interesting, engaging, dramatic, and entertaining.
If it fails to do that, the audience quickly loses interest.
The lesson?
Content needs to be what the audience wants to hear, not what you (or a kindergarten teacher) want to tell them.
When B2B SaaS content marketing makes an impact, the audience can’t get enough of it.
The content reflects their goals, aspirations, problems, questions, and curiosities.
When content marketing goes wrong, it’s product-centric and treats customers as an afterthought.
One of the keys to successful content marketing is straightforward: talk to customers and prospects.
They’ll tell you what they like or don’t like, the jobs they’re trying to do, their problems and pains, and the things they want to know.
If you’re not talking to customers or prospects, you’re guessing or serving up content that you think (but don’t know) will work.
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