December 23, 2021

Clubhouse and the power of social audio

Anyone still on Clubhouse?

A year ago, it was all the rage. Today, crickets.

Is Clubhouse dead or an opportunity for the intrepid?

It’s easy to dismiss Clubhouse because it’s no longer new and shiny.

But maybe it’s the wrong approach.

There’s no doubt that audio is a red-hot medium. Podcasts continue to see strong growth.

I believe that most B2B SaaS companies should have a podcast.

While many people have dismissed Clubhouse, it’s still alive and it has millions of users.

For companies looking to break through by going against the grain, maybe Clubhouse is worth re-exploring.

– Talk to your customers to assess their interest in audio. See how many have used Clubhouse or still use it.

– Experiment with an “ask me anything” session to see who shows up and what they want to know.

– Do a live interview on Clubhouse, record it, and then publish it as a podcast.


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