November 9, 2023

AI (and ChatGPT) Makes Brand Positioning Even More Important

The best thing about AI is that it makes brand positioning and messaging more important.

AI is watering down marketing.It's making content and copy generic and indistinguishable.

It's making marketers lazy rather than bold, creative, and risk-takers.

Companies that use AI blend into the crowd rather than stand out.Same products, same brand story, voice, and content.

Boring. Bland.

If you're undifferentiated in ultra-competitive markets, you're dead on arrival (DOA).

To succeed, they must be different, better, and unique.They need clear and compelling brand positioning and messaging.

It's a must-have, a no-brainer and a strategic necessity.

Companies have to stop looking at brand positioning and messaging as second-class citizens.

They need to recognize that better positioning and messaging:

• Attracts the best prospects (and turns off the wrong prospects)

• Shortens sales cycles

• Drives higher win rates

All of the above are things that CFOs and sales leaders love, so they should be huge advocates for better positioning and messaging.

They should be pounding the table for it to happen.

Better brand positioning and messaging powers everything: marketing, sales, HR, product development, customer success and raising capital.

Yes, it's that important.

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