May 2, 2023

11,038 Reasons to Embrace Clear and Compelling Brand Positioning

If your MarTech company, there are 11,038 reasons to embrace clear and compelling brand positioning and messaging.

That's the number of companies on Scott Brinker's 2023's MarTechMap.It's an 11% increase from 2022 and illustrates the ferocity of the competitive landscape.

It's not enough to have a good product that fills a need. It's not enough to have a solid marketing budget to attract prospects.

In a market featuring dozens, if not hundreds, of competitors, your company needs to stand out and differentiate itself. If not, you'll blend into the crowd while the spotlight and customers go elsewhere.

Do you want to struggle for attention or be seen as one of the options?

If it's the latter, brand positioning is a no-brainer.

Your company and product need to identify what makes you better, different, or unique.

Your story needs to be memorable and easily shareable.

You have to be clear about what customers need and how your product meets their needs and delivers experiences.

Sadly, brand positioning is often dismissed as a nice-to-have rather than a must-have.

It's not a priority, particularly at a time when CEOs are obsessing over leads.But here are the question you need to ask:

• Does our company/product stand out?

• Is there anything that makes us different, better or unique?

• Do we have a story that's easy to understand, remember and share?

• Do competitors do a better job of capturing the spotlight?

Here's a quick test: Look at your homepage for 10 seconds.

Then, think about whether it would encourage a new visitor would stick around or quickly click away.

If the answer isn't "absolutely," you have a positioning and messaging problem.


Want to develop better brand positioning?

Here are a couple of options:

1. I'll do a brand positioning refreshment that takes a deep dive into your product, customers, and competitors.

2. My live cohort brand positioning course starts on May 16. Five one-hour sessions.

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