January 9, 2014

10 Cool Tools for Startups to Embrace

10 cool tools

Over the holidays, I had the time to do a lot of reading and check out a bunch of new online tools that could make things a lot easier for startups. Here are 10 cool tools that caught my eye.

1. Geckoboard. Described as the “Chartbeat for everyone else”, Geckobard collects business information from internal and external data sources,  and displays it in real-time via user-friendly dashboards. A “startup package” is $53/month.

2. Typeform, which makes it easy to create forms using a using drop-and-drag platform. For startups looking to get feedback from customers, the Barcelona-based startup is a “nimble, fast and surprising sexy” (their words!) way to make it happen. There is a free and premium version available.

3. Asana: A SaaS-based project management tool created that uses simplicity to drive team collaboration and tasks. There is a free, no-frills versions, while premium packages range from $50 to $800/month.

4. Intercom: A tool that provides a dashboard to give startups a granular view of how all their customers using the service, and then communicate with them as a group or independently. It’s a tool that startups can use to drive conversions. Prices range from free (250 users) to $449/month.

5. Nimble: A cost effective CRM for small businesses that embraces the power of social media. A way for startup to engage and monitor social media activity. For $15/month, it’s a viable and economical option for many startups looking for a solid CRM.

6. Zapier: A task automation tool that lets you easily connect online services to get tasks done. Much like IFTTT, Zapier is a time-saving tool to get stuff done. Pricing ranges from free to $99/month.

7. Join.me: An instant and user-friendly screen sharing tool that is ideal for presentations and demos. Pricing is $19/month, or $13/month if you sign up for a one-year subscription.

8. Optimize.ly: For startups that want to do Web optimization and A/B testing (a sexy concept these days), Optimize.ly is an easy and cost-efficient tool. Prices range from $17/month (definitely startup friendly!) to $359/month.

9. Open Site Explorer: A free service from the good folks at Moz, Open Site Explorer shows who is linking to your Websites, as well as those of rivals. A valuable tool to get a better handle on organic search engine activity and strengthen relationships with Websites that are linking to your Website.

10. Canva: Startups looking to easily create graphics for blogs, presentations, Websites or social media should add user-friendly Canva to their list of must-have tools. Many of the graphics are free to create and publish, while others are reasonably priced.

What do you think of these tools? Any others that deserve the the spotlight?


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