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Companies That I Work With

Under $2M in sales

Early-stage startups

You have healthy sales and attracting customers but you need to create a marketing foundation.

We'll create a clear customer story to differentiate your brand and engage  target audiences.

We'll develop marketing and sales assets to support your marketing and focus on leveraging the best channels to drive results and ROI.

$2M - 10M in sales

High-growth companies

You have sales momentum and need to strategic direction to optimize and scale your marketing.

I'll work with your internal teams to improve your customer story and implement systems to create a more effective marketing engine.

By taking these steps, we can develop a strategic plan to reach and engage your target audiences more effectively.

Here’s how we’ll work together

You've been focused on marketing and following best practices and guidelines, yet the results just don't align with your goals. It feels like you've hit a wall and frustrated about why things are going wrong.

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Diagnose your problems and obstacles

Every engagement starts with a deep dive into your marketing to uncover what’s working and what’s not.

I’ll explore your brand positioning, website, marketing and sales collateral, and content to identify issues and roadblocks to reaching your goals.

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Create a plan and make improvements

Armed with insight, I'll quickly create a plan to tackle your challenges head-on and how to engage your best prospects.

Whether it's refreshing existing assets or creating new collateral, I’ll help you build what you need to attract and educate the people who matter to you.

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Optimize results and systems

I don't just aim to "fix" your challenges; I’ll optimize your marketing performance to drive even better results.

Together, we’ll fine-tune strategic plans, experiment with new ideas, approaches and channels, and zero in on what's truly working.

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Tactical Oversight

I understand that marketing is challenging. That's why I deliver tactical oversight to ensure your marketing happens effectively and successfully.

From working with 100+ companies, I provide guidance and insights
grounded in real-world results.

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You’ve worked hard to build your business.

You’re excited about scaling it, but marketing is a mystery.

Do you hire a marketer, a freelancer, or an agency?

So many options but many questions and uncertainties.

As an entrepreneur, you know marketing can be challenging.  
You need a trusted advisor who will guide you through big-picture strategy and tactical execution.

You need someone who will take the time to learn about your business, customers and rivals.

You want to work with a partner who understands your vision, goals, strengths and weaknesses.

You're need someone to lead and train your marketing team and help them be more successful.

Turn marketing into a growth engine that delivers a competitive edge.

With a proven track record of working with B2B SaaS entrepreneurs, Marketing Spark has you covered.I’ll help you to execute marketing that works.

Mark Evans

Meet Mark Evans

Since 2008, I’ve worked with 100+ B2B SaaS companies as a fractional CMO, strategic advisor and coach.

I focus on brand positioning (making you the only option), strategy (plans that make sense), and systems (a method to the madness) that drive consistent and successful marketing.

Before launching Marketing Spark, I co-founded a wildly unsuccessful startup, Blanketware.

I also worked for several startups (discovering that being a full-time employee is not my thing).

I began my career as a tech journalist for two of Canada's largest newspapers and Bloomberg News before I was poached by a VC to work for a newly-funded blogging startup (back when blogging was new and cool!).

When not working with clients, you can find me playing hockey and tennis, walking my dog, and traveling with my wife.

“Mark is a devoted Swiss Army knife in B2B marketing and branding. Any company seeking CMO-level guidance for their marketing department without hiring a full-time CMO would benefit greatly from Mark's hands-on expertise.”

Matt Leuschner

CEO, Wingmate

Some of the 100+ companies that I’ve helped:

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