The Rise of People-Driven Marketing, or PDM

There's a new and red-hot way to attract and engage prospects.

It's called "People-Driven Marketing" or "PDM."

Here's how it works:Instead of relying on digital channels like content, advertising, and email, companies interact with prospects physically by:

• Attending conferences, albeit smaller ones than pre-pandemic

• Hosting dinners at restaurants or unique places like a chef's house

• Participating in salons with some content and a lot of networking

• Organizing events with great content like Peep Laja's Wynter.• Meeting prospects one-on-one for coffee.

I realize that PDM is an unconventional and out-of-the-box concept, but it has huge potential.

In my opinion, conversations will become a popular marketing and sales tool.Companies will discover that PDM is an effective way to make connections and spark opportunities.

Yes, I believe PDM is that powerful!

It won't be long before your LinkedIn feed is teeming with posts about PDM by marketing "gurus."

And you'll quickly see PDM strategic and tactical specialists and consultants.

At a time when ChatGPT and AI are disrupting everything, including marketing, it's increasingly challenging to connect with prospects.

PDM is the way forward.

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