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Marketing Leadership for B2B Saas Companies

Since 2008, I’ve worked with 100+ B2B SaaS companies as a fractional CMO, strategic advisor, and coach.

It is exciting to work with entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies.

I spend a lot of time focused on positioning (boiling down the ocean), strategy (plans that make sense), and systems (a method to the madness) that drive consistent and successful marketing.

Before launching Marketing Spark, I co-founded a wildly unsuccessful startup. I also worked for several startups (discovering that being a full-time employee is not my thing).

I began my career as an ink-stained technology journalist for the Globe & Mail, National Post, and Bloomberg News.When I’m not working with clients, you can find me playing hockey and tennis and traveling.

portrait of mark evans
portrait of mark evans
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“Mark is a gifted resource who helped us develop a marketing and communication strategy, as well as dive into the tactical programs that he mapped out until we found a resource to handle the ongoing work. He’s a very detail-oriented marketer.”

Matt Saunders

Ryerson Futures

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