Do you feel like you have a great product— current customers love it—but it’s hard to get people to sign up?

Have a difficult time articulating why people should choose you over the competition?

Are you running ads and other marketing initiatives but aren’t seeing the results?

Could you close more deals and convert more trials by communicating your value more effectively?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might have a positioning problem.

If your marketing just isn’t getting enough traction, let’s create a story that resonates with your ideal customers. 

What if you could…..

  • Turn your website into a conversion machine by highlighting the things that matter.
  • Make every touchpoint resonate with your ideal customer using clear and consistent messaging.
  • Build broader brand awareness with advertising, PR, and social media campaigns that help you stand out
  • Close more deals with sales presentations that speak to the needs of your ideal customers. 
  • Align your employees around the critical drivers of your business.
  • Inform and improve your product roadmap with a clear direction.

How I Can Help You

Using my Marketing Spark Methodology, we’ll develop a compelling and differentiated brand position that captures the attention of the people you know will love your product. 

So, what is my methodology?

  1. State of the union: What’s your current positioning? What do you think isn’t working? Who wants to change it, and what are their motivations?
  1. The spotlight on you: What do you do/make? What are the most significant benefits and features? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Why do people need it?
  1. The people who matter: Who needs your product? What are their problems, pains, and goals? What jobs do they want to do? How are they solving their problems now?
  1. Who else is out there? What are the competitive alternatives; direct, and indirect? What are their strengths and weaknesses, benefits, and positioning?
  1. See the big picture: Research about the industry size, trends, and opportunities 
  1. Take a strategic approach: Embrace an approach that works for your product
  • Own a benefit (Volvo and safety)
  • Customer’s personality (Nike and athletic excellence)
  • Price (Walmart’s every day low prices)
  • Business approach (Domino’s Pizza and speed)
  1. Boil down the ocean: Focus on the keywords, phrases, ideas, and themes that jump out as intriguing, exciting, compelling, and engaging.
  1. Craft and draft: Develop your positioning statement, value proposition, boilerplate, and tagline.
  1. What do you think? Get alignment and agreement by testing positioning with key stakeholders (e.g., employees, customers, partners). 
  1. Pollinate Don’t let your new positioning collect dust on the shelf. Integrate it into your sales and marketing, and spread the word. 

What do I get at the end of this process?

When we’re done, you’ll get the following outcomes:

  • Positioning statement
  • Value proposition
  • Elevator pitch
  • Boilerplate
  • Tagline
  • Buyer personas
  • A competitive positioning audit
  • Curated customer interviews

What to do with it:

  • Weave into your Website, PR, advertising, and social media
  • Reimagine your sales pitches and decks.
  • Pollinate with employees, so your story is consistent.
  • Integrate into your product roadmap