Marketing success comes from showing up every day

I work out every day. It’s good for the body and soul. Sometimes, it’s a challenge. But I do it because showing up everyday matters. The same approach goes for B2B SaaS marketing. It takes a lot of work to create content, update social media, engage with prospects,...

Not having a podcast is a huge strategic mistake

The most surprising thing about podcasts is…. Not every B2B SaaS company has one yet. Most companies have blogs and make videos, but they’re ignoring podcasts. Frankly, it’s a huge strategic mistake that should be fixed ASAP. Podcasts are a great way to: - Create...

Now is a great time to jump on the LinkedIn bandwagon

740 million. 1%. When you think about LinkedIn, these numbers matter. There are 740 million users on LinkedIn. That’s a staggering number. But only 1% actively create content. That’s a minuscule number. For B2B companies, LinkedIn has huge potential to deliver insight...

Business is easy when you have powerful operating systems

Have you ever experienced runner’s high? It when running feels effortless, euphoric, and easy. My business now feels like that. The work isn’t effortless but it flows. I’m productive, and there’s little stress. Customers seem to be happy and there’s a healthy flow of...

Good marketing meets customers where they are

“Good marketing meets people where they are.” That’s a beauty line from Steve MacDonald. The ultimate KPI is (sorry, data geeks) whether your messaging, story, idea, or product gets in front of the people who matter to you. As marketers, we’re obsessed with tools and...

Sometimes, you’re right when people say you’re wrong

Chris Walker’s on fire. He’s a high-profile B2B marketing thought leader. His LinkedIn posts generate huge engagement. His agency, Refine Labs, is red-hot. But here’s the interesting thing: Not that long ago, Chris wasn’t the belle of the B2B ball. Many of his ideas...

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