How to Become Better at LinkedIn: Moritz Lang

LinkedIn is a mysterious (and fast-growing) creature. The algorithm is a well-kept secret. There are best practices and rules to follow. (E.g. automation is evil) In other words, it's not as simple as writing a post and clicking "publish". Moritz Lang is a digital...

Risk-Taking and Marketing Success: Mano Guiragossian

In marketing, nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes, it’s about taking risks and leaps of faith. In a data-driven world, data doesn’t deliver all the answers. Marketing is an unpredictable and often surprising creature. It’s why content that goes viral is so fascinating...

The Rise of the Fractional CMO: Andrew Deutsch

2021 will likely see the rise of “fractional” As companies look to grow, fractional executives will be a hot commodity. Fractional CMOs, CFOs, CROs, CTOs, VP, Sales. Consultants will start calling themselves fractional to, well, avoid being consultants. So why the...

With Millions of Users, Where Does Clubhouse Go From Here?

How will Clubhouse make money? Given the growth, it’s a fascinating question. Of course, Clubhouse has time given it raised more VC. But, at some point, Clubhouse will embrace monetization. Mallory Lee says the possibilities are endless. She believes the options...

Driving Predictability and ROI with Revenue Marketing

If only marketing was predictable and ROI was guaranteed. Life would be so much easier….but maybe less exciting. Marketing can be up and down. Sometimes, marketing works. Sometimes, it doesn't. But Yaagneshwaran Ganesh believes that marketing doesn’t need to be as...

Does Red-Hot Clubhouse Have Social Staying Power?

Clubhouse is red-hot. Everyone wants to be on Clubhouse. It’s the right product for the right time. People are feeling lonely and isolated. They’re hunkering down and bored with Netflix, board games, books, and puzzles. Clubhouse is an easy distraction (aka rabbit...

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