Declaring “we’re #1” is lazy marketing

Declaring yourself to be #1 is lazy marketing. You’ve probably come across websites that declare their product as the market leader. The first reaction: who says that you're #1?” The second reaction: I don't believe you. The third reaction: that’s the best you can do?...

The risks and rewards of being an early adopter

Being an early adopter is not easy. There is a risk to embrace a platform or product that isn't popular or perhaps not ready for prime time. In 2017, Michael David Chapman walked away from his job.  With no backup plan, he started to post on LinkedIn - sometimes three...

People (aka customers) buy from people, not companies

In many cases, people buy from people. They buy from people they trust. They buy from people who are genuine and honest. In marketing and sales, the human touch sparks relationships and connections. It enables you to outflank the competition, even if your product...

Marketing success by thinking outside the box

How much creative liberty should a company take? A case in point is Oreo Thins’ new packaging.  To trick children into not eating all the cookies, the packaging features unappealing names - e.g. Riced Veggies and Hanes t-shirts. Cute, deceptive, or confusing? It’s...

The much-needed shift back to marketing fundamentals

Can you feel the marketing pendulum swinging back to the fundamentals? For years, the focus has been data, KPIs, and quantifying anything under the sun. But marketing success happens in different and sometimes mysterious ways.  Some of it is measured while other...

To avoid being forgotten, never stop marketing

In a fast-moving world, it’s easy to be forgotten or ignored. It is a busy, distracting, and multi-tasking world. Action item: never stop marketing (or selling). When you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. And that’s a dangerous place to be. If you’re not marketing,...

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