Not surprisingly, Clubhouse is doomed

Clubhouse is doomed. You know it when people who spent hours a day on Clubhouse like Andy Foote are talking about its failure. Here's my take on CH's Phoenix-like rise and fall: 1. CH was the right product...for a short period of time. With COVID, people were bored...

B2B SaaS CEOs should to create LinkedIn content

Why isn’t every B2B SaaS CEO creating content on LinkedIn? It’s a great way to establish thought leadership, personal branding, corporate brand awareness, and connections to other people. Given that, why are so many CEOs afraid to step into the fray? Too risky? A lack...

How to operate as a one-person marketing team

Marketing is hard. It's even more challenging when you're a company's only marketer. You need to strategize, coordinate, tactically execute, and organize.  In other words, you have to be a multi-task player. On the Marketing Spark podcast, Nancy Kwan talks about life...

Celebrating the joy and freedom of entrepreneurship

A year ago, I was liberated. To be accurate, my employer and I parted ways. It wasn’t a surprise, other than it happened as the pandemic began to rumble. In many ways, however, it was a significant relief. The job was stressful and soul-sucking. As much as I wanted to...

Why the fascination/obsession with personal branding?

What’s the big deal with personal branding? There's no lack of advice on how and why to do it. Is the obsession with personal branding due to the gig economy, the ubiquity of social media, or the reality you need to be a “brand” within a volatile economy? Personally,...

The power and beauty of being able to say “No”.

The most powerful thing that you can say as a consultant or businessperson is "No, I can't help you".  Being transparent and honest is a long-term recipe for success. It drives credibility and lets you focus on clients that you can leverage your skills and experience....

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