Why B2B SaaS conferences could disappear soon

Dramatic statement alert: B2B SaaS conferences are dying. Conferences are coming back but the future looks bleak. As Chris Walker wrote recently on LinkedIn, B2B customers have so much information at their fingertips. They can watch, listen, read, talk, and compare to...

Can success be driven by a single marketing channel?

Can marketers exclusively “date” a single channel? If a single channel performs well, do any channels matter? I ran into an entrepreneur recently whose company is thriving. But they’re only using cold outreach to drive B2B leads. It begs the question: if the channel...

It’s time to end B2B SaaS marketing and sales silos

Marketers love the thrill of the chase. They pursue prospects with reckless abandon. Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are B2B digital hunting trophies. But when marketers catch prospects, the game’s over. They quickly forget about these newly-minted customers….because...

Not surprisingly, Clubhouse is doomed

Clubhouse is doomed. You know it when people who spent hours a day on Clubhouse like Andy Foote are talking about its failure. Here's my take on CH's Phoenix-like rise and fall: 1. CH was the right product...for a short period of time. With COVID, people were bored...

B2B SaaS CEOs should to create LinkedIn content

Why isn’t every B2B SaaS CEO creating content on LinkedIn? It’s a great way to establish thought leadership, personal branding, corporate brand awareness, and connections to other people. Given that, why are so many CEOs afraid to step into the fray? Too risky? A lack...

How to operate as a one-person marketing team

Marketing is hard. It's even more challenging when you're a company's only marketer. You need to strategize, coordinate, tactically execute, and organize.  In other words, you have to be a multi-task player. On the Marketing Spark podcast, Nancy Kwan talks about life...

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