What’s the Big Deal When it Comes to Hiring Marketers?


Apparently, it’s a huge challenge hiring marketers.
Georgiana Laudi says SaaS companies have difficulty finding senior marketing talent, while junior marketers lack mentorship and resources.
Benji Hyam contends that marketers are hard to hire because they’re good bull shitters
Neil Patel argues it is a mistake to hire marketers with broad skills. Instead, he says specialists are the way to go.
For fast-growing companies looking for marketing firepower, this advice is head-spinning.
Marketers talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. They need to super-focused. And there aren’t enough good marketers.

So what’s the answer if marketing matters?

How do companies attract the right people to drive brand awareness, acquisition, and sales?
Here’s the thing: it’s not difficult to hire a marketer.
The recipe for marketing success is having a strategic plan and a good handle on who’s needed.
It’s that simple.
Many companies struggle to hire marketers because there is no plan of attack.
They look at marketing as something that includes many things: advertising, awareness, PR, social media and content.
But marketing is multi-faceted and every company leverages different tools and approaches.
A lot of good marketing depends on doing the right things with the right people.
Unfortunately, many companies hire marketers (aka round pegs) and then have them do marketing that doesn’t reflect their skills or experience (aka square hole).
As a result, companies are frustrated when their marketers don’t perform.
The problem is the wrong people were hired.
There is a better, smarter approach.
It’s called – wait for it – a marketing strategy. (Here’s a seven-step process to create one.)
It’s a road map for success that defines a company’s marketing goals, its target audiences, and the most effective channels.
A marketing strategy provides insight into who matters and what needs to happen to attract, nurture and close sales.
This information delivers a better grasp on the marketers it needs to succeed.
Rather than hiring a content marketer because content marketing is red-hot, companies hire an email marketing whiz because it is the most effective channel to attract prospects.
Instead of making hiring mistakes, companies attract the right people for the right jobs. Note: To be honest, having a strong handle on who to hire is one of the most important things I do with clients.
One of the keys to hiring marketers – once you know who’s needed – is getting the right information.
Some of the questions to ask are:
1. What are your biggest skills? What are your weaknesses? In other words, how can we use you best?
2. What have been your biggest successes? How did you really impact the business?
3. How involved have you been in crafting strategy? How much strategic direction did you receive?
4. How much do you leverage data to determine tactical execution and optimization?
While these are a small number of questions, hiring a marketer is about getting someone who has the skills and relevant experience to drive your marketing.
While their experience matter, it is more important for you to hire a round peg for a round hole.
Another key consideration is hiring people who look at marketing from a strategic and tactical perspective.
Even if a specialist joins the team, they should be able to think about the big picture. This allows them to be aware of how their job fits into the scheme of things.
While it is important to hire the right people, marketing success also hinges on providing the right support and resources.
Marketing thrives when people have the tools, budgets, and encouragement to try embrace new ideas, try new things, and experiment.
They also need to be coached, mentored and nurtured to capitalize on their skills and energy.
For start-ups and smaller companies, this is a challenge because the senior management team has little or no marketing experience so it can be helpful to get help from external sources.
Bottom line: Hiring marketers is not easy but it’s also not impossible. It boils down to knowing what you want to do, who matters and the marketers needed to make the right strategic and tactical moves.
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