Tomato sauce and the keys to a well-oiled marketing machine

A friend and I made 45 liters of tomato sauce over the weekend.

It was a classic case of short-term pain, long-term gain. You invest hours of work and enjoy the fruits of your labor for months.

The key to tomato sauce success is a cohesive production system. You need to drive efficiencies to maximize effort.

Fortunately, my friend, Jason Nykor, figured it out. While we were cutting and coring tomatoes (a mind-numbing task! ), Jason was boiling tomatoes and sterilizing bottles.

We had a jerry-rigged system to grind the tomatoes. And there was an assembly line to bottle, seal, and pasteurize the sauce. It saved us hours of work, and there i plenty of room for optimization next year.

There are many parallels between making tomato sauce and marketing. The most successful marketing happens using systems, and processes.

It allows people to work efficiently and get stuff done with fewer obstacles, grit, and mistakes. There is a clear roadmap that establishes expectations and leverages people’s expertise and skills.

Systems and processes make everything easier, better, more enjoyable, and streamlined.

Note: If you missed my “crash course” Webinar on strategic positioning, here’s a video replay.

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