The Outlook for B2B SaaS Marketing in 2023

In 2023, less (marketing) is more.

That’s the approach that Andrew Arocha, Drift’s chief revenue officer, advocates.

Amid tougher economic, Arocha says marketing is not about taking huge swings to acquire customers but a more disciplined and targeted approach.

In other words, do more with less and spend less to get more.

As important, he believes that companies need to focus on revenue-related activities while brand building will take a backseat. He says this will put even more emphasis on measuring results.

Drift has a high-profile brand after establishing itself as a leader in the conversational marketing industry.So, it’s easy to say don’t focus on brand building.

For most other companies, however, marketing needs to be a mix of brand awareness and attracting and engaging customers.

On the Marketing Spark podcast, Andrew and I discuss:

• The B2B SaaS marketing trends for 2023.

• The future of conferences; smaller, more intimate and targeted events

• ABM and how companies need to focus on not dropping the ball tactically

• Retention (“2023 is the year of retention) and how to drive revenue by offering more value to customers

• The conversational marketing industry and the battle between platforms and bolt-ons.

Listen to the podcast.

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