Podcast #3: Google Juggernaut, Tech Boom, Corel IPO

Hey, it's Friday so time for another podcast. I was hoping to use some cool intro music from Penmachine but still need to learn more about Propoganda. In any event, here's an outline of today's podcast:
0:00 to 0:45…..Intro
0:45 to 4:45…..Google's first-quarter results, stock performance
4: 45 to 6:45….Is this another tech boom?
6:45 to 9:30…..Why is Corel going public again; what does Vonage's stalled IPO suggest?
9:30 to 11:45…The end of the VHS tape?

Note: The sound quality isn't perfect. Turns out, I'm using a bad microphone. That will be fixed by next week's show. By the way, the podcast feed can be found here.

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