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Marketing Spark

Marketing Spark – given the title – is obviously a marketing book.

But it’s also a workbook.

My new book, Marketing Spark is designed for entrepreneurs looking to enhance their knowledge about how storytelling and marketing works and, as important, gain the insight to make marketing happen in the right ways.


Too many business books talk about strategy, ideas, and concepts. Marketing Spark is different. It was designed to provide insight AND show you how to make great marketing happen. To me, this is how Marketing Spark delivers value to entrepreneurs and people looking to do better marketing.

I’m particularly excited about the book’s worksheets, templates, case studies, tools, and illustrations. They’re a key part of creating a user-friendly book that sits on your desk rather than collecting dust on the bookshelf.

The first part of Marketing Spark is focused on the fundamentals of marketing:

– The importance of storytelling to drive marketing that resonates. In an ultra-competitive world, storytelling is how brands capture the spotlight and differentiate themselves. There’s too much noise and too many options. If a brand is not telling stories, it’s not going to win. Instead, it will get lost in the shuffle. A better approach is story-driven marketing.

– Messaging that is clear and compelling. Underpinned by storytelling, messaging delivers the key elements to drive a company’s marketing and sales: boilerplates, value propositions, positioning statements, elevator pitches, and mission and vision statements. The ability to create these elements delivers a competitive edge.

– Strategic plans that lay out the road to success. Too much marketing happens without a plan. There’s tactical execution but it’s madly off in all directions rather than coordinated and cohesive. As a result, marketing is ineffective. Marketing thrives when a brand know what it wants to achieve, who it wants to attract, and the most effective channels.

– Your storytellers, who can include senior executives, employees, investors, customers, influencers and PR agencies. It is important to understand how different stakeholders can be leveraged and how and when to use them.

This provides context, insight, and guidance. It will help you establish a rock-solid foundation to do marketing that makes an impact. By understanding the type of marketing to be done and where to make it happen, your channels, campaigns, and content will be more successful.

The second half of the book looks at the different channels to deliver marketing: Websites, one-pagers, eBooks, infographics, videos, email marketing, blogs, podcasts, and public speaking.

Each chapter explores best practices to successfully leverage different channels. This includes step-by-step directions on how tactically execute and the tools, software, and services to use.

In some respects, Marketing Spark is an operating manual. Every chapter is a go-to resource to tactically execute on a particular channel.

If you’re looking to get a better handle on how to approach and succeed with storytelling and marketing, Marketing Spark is an easy way to get inspired, motivated, and educated.
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