Ready to dip your marketing toes in the TikTok waters?

TikTok, anyone?

How about TikTok for B2B marketers? The platform is intriguing but TikTok hasn’t been enthusiastically embraced by B2B marketers….yet.

Maybe marketers are still enthralled by newsletters, YouTube, and LinkedIn or don’t believe they can reach the right audiences on TikTok.

But Stephen Pope may convince people to change their minds. Since jumping into TikTok a few months, Stephen has attracted 16,000 followers and generated dozens of leads.

On the Marketing Spark podcast, Stephen offers insight into why he embraced TikTok and his tactical approach to making videos that resonate.

It’s a classic example of zigging when others are zagging.

And it provides food for thought about life beyond LinkedIn, which is becoming increasingly noisy and more challenging to drive content engagement.

Note: If you missed my “crash course” positioning Webinar earlier this week, here’s a video replay.

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