Marketing success comes from showing up every day

I work out every day. It’s good for the body and soul.
Sometimes, it’s a challenge. But I do it because showing up everyday matters.
The same approach goes for B2B SaaS marketing.
It takes a lot of work to create content, update social media, engage with prospects, and effectively leverage the relevant channels.
But you need to do it, otherwise, the competition steps in and steps up.
The harsh reality: marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.
It’s one step at a time, every day. There’s no room to hit the pause button or take a time-out.
And there’s absolutely no resting on your laurels.
Good, successful, and sustainable marketing is grounded in systems and processes (as well as creativity and embracing risk).
Marketing has to be a well-oiled machine, not a fly by the seat of your pants proposition.
And marketing needs to happen when you’re not inspired, motivated, excited, enthusiastic, encouraged, or optimistic.

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