Good marketing and branding makes perception a reality

I recently received a call from someone interested in buying my business.

It quickly became apparent that Marketing Spark was too small.

When I asked about his interest, he said my LinkedIn activity looked “imposing”, which suggests that I look bigger than I am.

This is the power of marketing. Perception can become reality. You can look big, even if you’re small.

Some “look big” tips:

  • A Website using a customized WordPress or Webflow template that creates a good first impression.
  • Well-written copy, easy navigation, and no obvious stock photos are allowed!
  • A well-designed corporate logo. Check out 99 Designs, Design Crowd and Canva.
  • Nice business cards (old school!) using high-quality paper stock.
  • Well-designed letterhead, invoices, proposals and agreements (paper and digital)
  • Clear and consistent corporate descriptions on your Website and social media profiles.
  • Professionally-taken personal photos; short-term pain, long-term gain.
  • A corporate email address (sorry, no and definitely not

If you’re a small business, stand tall and strut your stuff just like a big company. Perception can become the reality in the minds of customers and key stakeholders.

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