Marketing insight from Earth Wind & Fire’s “September”

It’s impossible not to love “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire. It is the epitome of happy music that makes you want to dance.

But what I also like about “September” is the story behind the song.

It was co-written by the late Allee Willis, a struggling songwriter who got a call from EW&F’s leader, Maurice White.

Inspired by an opening guitar riff by Al McKay, Willis and White spent a month writing the song…and the rest is history.

Personally, I love the stories behind the story.

It’s the origin story of how an entrepreneur stumbled upon a great idea.

It’s the story about how an unknown product caught fire after someone with an audience accidentally discovered it.

It’s stories about how a small marketing experiment turned into a viral sensation.

Lesson: Discover and tell your backstories. They deliver the drama, surprises and endings that people love.

Listen: NPR’s interview with Allee Willis about September’s creation.


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