For Marketers, Trust and Honesty Are Critical Ingredients


Marketers are snake oil salesmen. They can talk the talk and make everything sound amazing.
Marketers are seductive. They get people excited by saying the right things and throwing around the right buzzwords.
Marketers are also dangerous because they are, well, marketers. They know how to pull the right levers so people quickly say “where do I sign?”.
As a result, brands make mistakes when they hire marketers. They hire the wrong people or agencies. The expected results don’t materialize or projects aren’t done properly.

As a marketer, I’ve come to realize that trust and honesty are ultra-important.

Amid an increasingly complex landscape, marketing is confusing and a mystery. There are so many options to consider.
It means being straight with brands about what you do and what you deliver. You have to be transparent about what you’re not able to do.
No fudging, false promises or unrealistic expectations.
It is about establishing trust in your work, processes, and reputation.
This is particularly pertinent dealing with companies with little marketing expertise. They’re counting on you to provide counsel, guidance and honest insight.
With trust, brands are more confident their marketing will drive results and ROI. They can be assured they are making the right moves and investments at the right time.
Trust drives success, strong relationships, and better work.

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