Losing your job sucks but it can also be liberating

Losing your job sucks.

It’s humiliating, embarrassing, and stressful.

It has happened to me twice since 2008. I definitely saw it coming both times.

The first was financially driven. Venture capital had disappeared amid a global credit crunch. My employer, a startup, was in dire straits.

The second was a personality-driven; professional relationship that soured and left much to be desired.

In both cases, losing my job was a blessing in disguise. It opened a window to launch my consulting business in 2008. And it made it easy to go back to consulting in early-2020.

I’m a half-glass-full kind person who believes that opportunities emerge when you’re open and ready for them.

Sometimes, losing your job is liberating, even when it’s painful. It allows you to pursue interests and passions.

As important, it enables people and companies to embrace your skills and experience.

Happy (belated) Labor Day! 

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