How to Breath New Life into an Old Brand

When a brand dies, it usually disappears.But some neglected brands have value.

People remember them nostalgically or rally around brands with retro appeal.It allows some brands to come back from the dead.

With some TLC, they can be revived, refreshed, and reinvented.

A good case in point is how The Echlinville Distillery took an old brand, Dunville's, and transformed it into a fast-growing Irish whiskey.

In the 1800s, Dunville's was one of the largest brands in the world. It was in 56 markets worldwide and had 27 offices.

Echlinville's Jarlath Watson said that when Dunville's brand assets were acquired, the company didn't want to be accused of milking the brand.

As a result, it "overcompensated" by ensuring that Dunville's is high-end Irish whiskey.

As Echlinville purchases other brands, Watson said the magic is capitalizing on their traditional heritage and then bringing the brands into your modern era.

"We will be very sympathetic to the old labels, the old branding, and the old brand's values and messages.

Then, we slowly, slowly add a modern contemporary twist to that."

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