The Rise of the Fractional CMO: Andrew Deutsch

2021 will likely see the rise of “fractional”

As companies look to grow, fractional executives will be a hot commodity.

Fractional CMOs, CFOs, CROs, CTOs, VP, Sales.

Consultants will start calling themselves fractional to, well, avoid being consultants.

So why the rise fractional.

Andrew Deutsch says small businesses wanted someone’s expertise and experience but couldn’t afford it.

But with more people embracing entrepreneurship, fractional is changing the rules.

SMBs can eat their cake and have it too. They can leverage a fractional executive but not pay them the salary, benefits, options, and other perks.

It’s better, more flexible, and smarter for many companies to do business.

On the Marketing Spark podcast, Andrew and I also talk about:

– The future of business travel, or lack thereof; an interesting perspective from someone who used to fly 300,000 a year.

– The return to marketing fundamentals like positioning and strategic planning after so much attention on MarTech.

– The future of conferences; something Andrew believes will go increasingly virtual.

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