If your product is easy to use, lead with your strengths

Budget-friendly. User-friendly. A breeze to implement.

Every B2B SaaS company claims to one or all of the above.

It’s easy to dismiss them as bland or boring.

But what if it’s true? What if your platform takes little effort to embrace? What if people enjoy using it?

If that’s the case, play to your strengths. Don’t be afraid to shield the truth because it doesn’t ooze with creativity or sizzle.

If you can walk the walk, talk the talk.

It’s advice that I gave a client recently while developing their positioning.

Internally, they talk about how their product is easy to implement and embrace. Customers tell them that as well.

Yet, they were hesitant to strut their stuff publicly.

Needless to say, we’re going to fix it ASAP.


In a world with many options, don’t complicate your positioning and messaging.

Instead, make it easy for people to quickly understand whether what you do matters to them.

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