Some companies (like xtensio) are simply accidents

Many companies are unplanned or accidents.

A services company, for example, struggling with an operational problem decides to create an internal solution.

It works well so the company explores if there’s external demand. Before long, a new business is created.

This is the journey taken by Xtensio, which was a marketing agency for startups.

A big challenge was creating buyer personas so Xtensio developed a few user-friendly templates.

When those templates resonated, Xtensio gradually pivoted the business.

The template library has now become a go-to resource for marketing and communications professionals.

In this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast, Xtensio CEO Alper Cakir discusses:

– The journey from services to B2B SaaS solution and the value of patience and persistence.
– How content marketing and SEO are Xtensio’s one-two marketing punch
– The challenges facing companies relying on content marketing and inbound marketing

Listen to our conversation.

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