Clubhouse has fizzled but social audio has potential

With the hype about Clubhouse evaporated, what’s the future for social audio?
Should marketers embrace social audio or is it a wait-and-see proposition?
To set the stage, let’s take a step back.
For B2B marketers, content marketing still matters even as channels like conferences re-emerge.
Content educates, engages, and encourages prospects and customers.
Content attracts and retains customers and their money.
If you’re a marketer exploring audio, your first move is easy: launch a podcast.
There are many benefits to a podcast, including:

  • Engage and interview influencers, customers, and prospects
  • Re-purpose podcasts for blog posts, eBooks, videos, and social media.
  • Drive business development and market intelligence.
  • Build brand awareness and thought leadership.

Every B2B company should have a podcast; just like most B2B companies have a blog.
So, what about social audio?
Clubhouse sparked the market but its allure faded and it is no longer the only game in town.
Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, and LinkedIn are emerging as competitors.
The big challenge for marketers is how to capitalize on social audio.
It could be used for:
– Ask-me-anything (AMA) sessions
– Salon-type interviews
– Podcast-like sessions
– Live events
– Customer roundtables
Creative and innovative marketers will leverage social audio and create a competitive edge.
It’s not unlike how companies re-discovered the power of podcasts after the medium sagged around 2014/2015.
Content-driven marketing thrives when good content aligns with customers’ interests and the channels being used.
Social audio is another weapon in a marketer’s arsenal to connect with customers and outflank the competition.
It may not be time to enthusiastically embrace social audio but it’s definitely worth exploring.

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