Clubhouse: Rising Social Media Star or Short-Lived Fad?

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I’m ambivalent about Clubhouse.
Sure, it has been downloaded 10 million times…and it’s not even on Android yet.
But I think Clubhouse is driven by FOMO, social isolation, novelty, and brilliant marketing (aka the seductiveness of invite-only).
And while I’m sure there will be high-potential uses for Clubhouses, I’m not convinced it’s going to be a raving social media success.
As my friend Jack Fussell has noted, some rooms that were hugely popular are now struggling to attract attendees.
The problem with Clubhouse is it’s unstructured, unwieldy, and unpredictable. It can be fun but it is far from being user-friendly.
If I were one of the 10 people working for Clubhouse, I’d introduced a “TV Guide” to make it easier to find rooms.
But, then again, it’s difficult to predict the digital future. I mean, who thought I’d be spending hours on LinkedIn every day.


Where do you think Clubhouse will be in six months?

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