ChatGPT and AI are Poor Ways to Position Your Brand

"Now powered by AI (or ChatGPT)"

It's the new positioning and messaging mantra of B2B SaaS companies.

Look around and it's easy to see "AI" or "ChatGPT" boldly and proudly proclaimed.

"There's a new, cool, and red-hot technology, and we're now using it" is the marketing message.

But it's a poor attempt to differentiate at a time when the B2B sales landscape is volatile and leads are more challenging to generate

Here's the problem: every company is embracing AI and ChatGPT.

There's a desperate and frenzied scramble to jump on the bandwagon.

You could argue that companies have no choice but to use AI and ChatGPT because no one wants to be seen as not using the great thing since slice bread,  even if it doesn't improve their product.

But it is a waste of time for companies to say they're using AI and ChatGPT.

It's like saying their products can now be accessed via a browser; it's true but irrelevant.

If companies want to stand out, focus on positioning and messaging that truly makes them unique, better or different.

Develop positioning that aligns with what customers need to solve their problems or have new experiences.

Remember, it's about them not you.

ChatGPT and AI are interesting technologies but how do they benefit the people who matter to you?

How does your product better serve their needs and interests because it capitalizes on AI and ChatGPT?

That's the question that you need to answer.

When you've done that, integrate into your positioning, messaing and marketing.

You'll be way ahead of the companies just waving the AI and ChatGPT flag.

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