An in-depth look at the power of category design

Every company should stand out from the crowd.

They need to differentiate themselves from companies that walk, talk, and look the same.

Some companies want to go a step further. They want to establish a completely new category.

They embrace a concept called category design in which they define and lead a new market. An example is Drift and “conversational marketing”.

On the latest Marketing Spark podcast, Josh Lowman offers insight into the definition of category design and how one of his clients embraced the concept.

We talked about:

– Positioning versus category design. Are they similar?

– The advantages and challenges of category design

– Why category design is a must-do for funded startups

– How to get started with category design

– How to launch a new category; think Steve Jobs’ presentations

– How Josh’s company helped Qualtrics embrace category design.

Have a good story about how your business has leveraged marketing to grow? Reach out to be a guest on the podcast.

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