The simple formula for building a personal brand

There is a simple formula for building your personal brand.

Be a good person and give more than you take.

It shouldn’t be more complicated than that.

So why has personal branding become a fast-growing mini-industry?

Take a look at the tsunami of courses, coaches, consultants, and content.

Rightly or wrongly, it creates the impression that you’ll be a commodity and invisible if you don’t build an online personal brand.

To get some insight, I did a podcast interview with Michelle Griffin, who helps individuals build personal brands.

We talked about:

– Why establishing a personal brand is red-hot

– Why senior executives aren’t jumping on the bandwagon

– How to get started with personal branding

– How to build a personal brand on LinkedIn

– How to avoid personal brand mistakes.

– Why Michelle is still using Clubhouse.

Listen to the conversation with Michelle.

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