The big impact of a small difference in positioning

Every company faces fierce competition.

Many of them are better than you.

How do you stand out? 

How do you establish a competitive edge?

A key pillar is positioning, which makes it clear:

– What you do

– Who you serve

– Why it matters to customers

– How you’re unique

The last point is absolutely crucial. 

But here’s the thing: differentiation doesn’t have to be a huge thing. In fact, it can be quite minor.

A case in point is a heating and cooling company focused on serving “older Toronto homes”.

It’s a small point of difference but this company has firmly placed a stake in the ground.

They’ve declared that if you live in an old home, we’re the company for you.

That’s solid positioning that separates them from the crowd.

It’s not rocket science or creative.

But it’s different and that matters.

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