Plan the work. Work the plan. 

Together, we’ll create a marketing roadmap that reflects your goals, resources, and the competitive landscape. 

We embrace the best channels and tactical best practices, and how to measure success and performance optimization. 

Armed with a marketing plan, you can move in the right direction, focus on the people who matter, leverage systems and processes to do marketing that drives leads and sales. 


How I Can Help You

Using my 10-part Marketing Spark Planning Methodology, we’ll develop a detailed roadmap for success.

  1. How are you doing? What’s your current marketing activity? What do you think isn’t working? Who wants to change it, and what are their motivations?
  1. The spotlight on what you do: What do you do/make? What are the most significant benefits and features? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Why do people need it?
  1. The people who matter to you: Who needs your product? What are their problems, pains, and goals? What jobs do they want to do? How are they solving their problems now?
  1. Who else is out there? What are the competitive alternatives; direct, and indirect? What are their marketing strengths and weaknesses?
  1. See the big picture: Research about the industry size, trends, and opportunities
  1. Consider all your options: Start by listing all the relevant channels. Don’t worry about how well they’ll actually work; we’ll get to that later. By “all’, it any channel that could move the needle, even a little.
  1. Focus on their potential: Using a three-part filter, let’s rank each channel.
  • Money: how much will it cost?
  • Effort: how much effort is involved?
  • ROI: how do we think it will perform?
  1. Score and prioritize: Using a 1-5 scoring system, each channel will be ranked. Those with the highest score will be prioritized, although there are always exceptions to the rule.
  1. Proceed with confidence: Based on our goals, money, and people, we’ll tackle channels that will move the needle (aka “Now”). The other “Soon” and “Later/Never” channels will be explored down the road.
  1. Make the magic happen: It’s time for tactical execution. We’ll create a plan that spells out who’s going to do the marketing, how often, how much it will cost, and measure its success.

What you get:

  • A marketing audit to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • A competitive marketing audit to highlight opportunities and threats.
  • Development of customer buyer personas and the buyer’s journey.
  • An in-depth six-month marketing plan
  • The identification of “North Star” goals.
  • Buyer personas and the buyer’s journey

What to do with it:

  • Move forward with confidence
  • Focus on the channels that make an impact
  • Tactically execute embracing best practices
  • Measure and optimize marketing’s activities