Good stories capture the attention of overwhelmed consumers

How do you create stories that resonate? How do you decide what stories to tell?

If you’re facing these challenges, I can help:

Website Not Working?

Your Website isn’t doesn’t tell prospects what you do and it’s not converting potential customers or driving demo requests, trials or sales. It’s time for a new approach.

No Marketing Collateral?

You don’t have the marketing and sales collateral to educate and engage customers, nurture leads and close deals.

Can’t Attract the Spotlight?

You’re struggling to attract interest from the media, analysts or investors. Your stories are failing to break through.

Your story: grounded in process, delivered with clarity.

What you need:

High-quality content...

that meets the needs and interests of target audiences by engaging, educating or entertaining

The right stories....

in the right places at the right time to drive actions: leads, sales, downloads, demo requests, etc.

Cost-efficient content....

created when you need it to deliver stories that engage and resonate.

What you get:

Engaging content....

for Websites, presentations, videos, one-pagers, case studies, etc. that attract interest and leads.

Buyer personas....

that make it easier to know your customers and the stories that establish connections.

Marketing and sales collateral....

that turns leads into prospects, and prospects into customers.

People Say…

Mark played a key role in helping us develop a marketing road map and focus our initiatives. This resulted in a more concise message and allowed us to focus on a strategy that would reach our relevant audiences in an efficient manner.
Bram Belzberg

KEV Group

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