The Ultimate DIY Guide to
Better Marketing and Brand Storytelling

The Blueprint to Creating a Powerful Marketing Engine

Supercharge your marketing with practical tips, cutting-edge tools and worksheets to help you tune marketing machine.

A book with the title "Marketing Spark"

Maximize Your Marketing and Connect with Customers

Discover proven strategies, innovative tactics and actionable insights that'll help you stand out from your competition

It's not just another book that'll collect dust on your shelf; it's a marketing sidekick that you'll want to keep on your desk

Let’s demystify marketing and build a marketing machine!

Marketing Spark was written for entrepreneurs who want to crack the marketing code.

Think of it as a business cheat sheet, teeming with strategic and tactical advice, vetted tools, and worksheets to demystify marketing and help you do marketing that moves the needle.

Discover how marketing works and how to do it. From building your brand to creating a strategic plan and tactical execution, Marketing Spark will help your business thrive and stand out.

Let Marketing Spark be your guide to marketing success

A book with the title "Marketing Spark"
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About The Author

Mark Evans is an experienced B2B marketer, author, podcaster and hockey and tennis enthusiast. He helps fast-growing companies develop rock-solid marketing foundations powered by positioning, messaging and content-driven growth strategies.

He’s the author of Marketing Spark and an in-demand speaker and workshop presenter. Reach him at or LinkedIn.

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The best marketing happens when you focus on the right people in the right channels with the right stories and have a crystal clear strategic roadmap for success.

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What people are saying:

"Within 15 minutes of picking up Marketing Spark, I was already saving time and money. Full of practical tips, vetted resources and worksheets, Mark’s book is an indispensable guide to accelerate their growth."

- M. Vijay, CEO, Swiggle Inc.

"The genius of this book is in its practicality. Too many books in this space focus on theory. This book gives you actionable, concrete steps to improve your marketing efforts. Bravo!"

- Amazon Customer

"This book is a must-have for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Consumers are numb to traditional marketing, so storytelling is the only way to capture people's attention and establish deep emotional connections."

- Julie Zuzek, CEO & Founder, The Corporate Yogi

"I work at the marketing department of a tech company in Toronto. Marketing Spark covers all angles of storytelling and why it's important. I can go back to various sections to guide in my day to day operations."

- Amazon Customer

"Marketing Spark is a game-changer for entrepreneurs looking to level up their marketing. With a clear and concise approach, it breaks down complex marketing concepts into easy-to-understand strategies that can be implemented immediately"

- Jason Nykor

"If you're looking to develop clear messaging for your brand, you want to work with Mark. He helped us to develop our messaging and talking points for our target market - something we struggled with for a long time.

- Chris Gory

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