Celebrating the joy and freedom of entrepreneurship

A year ago, I was liberated. To be accurate, my employer and I parted ways. It wasn’t a surprise, other than it happened as the pandemic began to rumble. In many ways, however, it was a significant relief. The job was stressful and soul-sucking. As much as I wanted to...

Why the fascination/obsession with personal branding?

What’s the big deal with personal branding? There's no lack of advice on how and why to do it. Is the obsession with personal branding due to the gig economy, the ubiquity of social media, or the reality you need to be a “brand” within a volatile economy? Personally,...

The power and beauty of being able to say “No”.

The most powerful thing that you can say as a consultant or businessperson is "No, I can't help you".  Being transparent and honest is a long-term recipe for success. It drives credibility and lets you focus on clients that you can leverage your skills and experience....

Five ways to measure the ROI of positioning

Better, more compelling positioning is a no-brainer.  It differentiates your brand and makes you the obvious choice. But how do you measure the ROI of positioning? How do you know the investment is worth it? Let’s explore the different ways that positioning can make a...

How to drive ROI from your new brand positioning

I'm a huge advocate of positioning. It’s where I start with most of my marketing clients. But after you’ve developed what you think is amazing new positioning, then what? How do drive ROI from positioning rather than having it collect dust? There are five things that...

Why Are Most Business Books are Boring?

Most business books are dull. I read the first 25 pages before a book loses its appeal. The writing is dense, the topic doesn't warrant a book, or I quickly get the point. In fact, I honestly believe most business books would be better served up as long articles....

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