Who, Why, and When to Hire a Fractional CMO

Leading a marketing team can be a major challenge, requiring expertise and experience. This makes a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) a valuable but often expensive asset.  But what if you don’t have the budget to hire a CMO and your business requires marketing...

How to Build an All-Star B2B Marketing Team

What are the keys to building a successful marketing team? Do you hire the best talent or put together a cohesive team featuring people with different talents? "Of course, all-stars," says Mitch Solway, a fractional CMO for startups, who I interviewed for the...

Without Strong Brand Positioning, Marketing Can’t Succeed

I had a prospect say “no” recently. It was disappointing not to get the business. But I was more disappointed for the entrepreneur. Why? Because he really needed what I was offering: brand positioning. An engineer, he had bootstrapped the software development. The...

How Virtual Events Are Powering commonsku’s Marketing and Sales

There have been mixed reviews on virtual events as a replacement for in-person conferences. For some companies, virtual events have provided opportunities to connect. But many people have complained about the lack of interactivity and engagement. For commonsku, which...

Good Marketing is About Experimenting and Failing

All marketing is an experiment. There is no secret formula for success. Sometimes, marketing inexplicably fails. It makes marketing exciting and terrifying. A key to improving is an appetite to try new things and learn. It is easy to repeatedly do the same marketing....

Sometimes, the Best Marketing Means Doing Less

It’s hard to be a one-trick pony, particularly when it comes to marketing. There are so many options that focusing on a single channel seems wrong. Why place all your eggs on one basket? But for many companies, less is more. Using one (or two) marketing channels makes...

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