Why Clubhouse is Sparking Growing Social Media Anxiety

What’s your plan for Clubhouse? It’s new, hot, and addictive, and, at the same time, a social dilemma. B2B marketers need to think about if and/or how they will embrace Clubhouse. This is particularly pertinent for people who have leveraged LinkedIn so effectively....

Clubhouse is the New, Shiny, and Seductive Social Creature

Some quick thoughts about Clubhouse, the drop-in audio platform taking the digital world by storm. ✴ It's the real deal. From a few days on the platform, I see huge potential, although it's difficult to know what parts will resonate. ✴ The experience will improve. I'd...

Lessons Learned from Writing 535 LinkedIn Posts

Liam Darmody wrote 535 posts on LinkedIn last year. From the outside looking in, it’s a staggering number. It reflects the investment that people are making in LinkedIn. But it is important to keep in mind that a very small percentage of LinkedIn users behave like...

The New Age of Marketing-Driven Sales: Shiv Narayanan

In the “old’ days, marketing had little to do with B2B and SaaS sales. Sales approached, talked, nurtured, and closed prospects. Marketing played a supporting role; generate some MQLs, okay? But this is no longer the case. COVID has hammered sales. They can’t go to...

Hire to Build and Scale a Marketing Team: Mitch Fanning

It's one thing to do marketing; it's another thing to build a cohesive, collaborative, and productive marketing team. In this episode of Marketing Spark, Mitch Fanning provides insight into what it takes to build a team that drives marketing success. One of the things...

2021: The Year of Quality (Not Quantity) Content

What’s the biggest content trend in 2020? High-quality content. Everyone talks about the importance of high-quality content, but I believe it’s a reality and a necessity. It has a lot to do with the volatile marketing landscape. It’s difficult for brands to engage...

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