July 30, 2023

Zigging When Others Zag: Content Marketing Isn't Always the Answer

Content marketing was a no-brainer for B2B and SaaS companies not long ago.

Now, I'm not so sure.

The content marketing landscape is overwhelming, and ChatGPT and AI will create a tsunami of blog posts, eBooks, guides, social media updates and videos.

The challenge isn't creating content; it's creating content that attracts an audience.

For all the talk by the marketing gurus about repurposing content, the new game is distribution and consumption (D&C).

Like SEO specialists made content discoverable, D&C specialists will be tasked to break through the noise magically.

It's a strategy that companies leveraging content must embrace.

At the same time, you'll see a growing number of B2B and SaaS companies abandon content or make it a small part of the marketing mix.


They'll determine that content marketing fails to deliver ROI. Content could be a waste of time, money, and resources.

Instead, these companies will build communities, establish relationships and focus on educating and nurturing customers to drive loyalty and retention.

Their marketing will be propelled by becoming trusted, empathetic, helpful resources that delight customers.

Referrals, word of mouth, and activity on social media will spark leads and sales.

Dark Social is already a powerful force and will grow in momentum and importance.For companies committed to content marketing, quality will prevail over quantity.

Smart companies will focus on creating content that delivers valuable insight and in-depth prescriptive guidance.

It's content that isn't easily replicated.

This high-value content will be strategically distributed and promoted on social media and communities like Slack, Reddit and Discord, as well as LinkedIn and Instagram.

The days of content marketing as a necessary part of a company's marketing mix are coming to an end, if not over.

Content was king/queen, but the rules of engagement have abruptly shifted, forcing companies to discover new ways to attract and engage targets.

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