August 8, 2023

Your Roadmap to Successful Brand Positioning: A Four-Week Deep Dive

It is easy to create better brand positioning, relatively speaking.

Why do many companies struggle with unclear positioning?

Rather than inspiring prospects, their positioning drives prospects away.

The biggest problems include:

• Not understanding why positioning is important

• No or little knowledge of how positioned is developed

• No insight into the methodology steps required

• The ROI that positioning delivers

Fortunately, there's a solution; even better, it only takes four weeks.

My second brand positioning cohort (via Maven) is open for enrollment.

If you're a B2B or SaaS entrepreneur looking to create positioning that makes your brand or product the obvious choice, my course is designed for you.

In five live virtual sessions, you will:

• Gain insight into how positioning underpins all parts of your organization: marketing, sales, product development, customer success, and capital raising

• Get in-depth guidance on how to attack the three key positioning pillars: customers, competitors, and your offering

• Collaborative and engage with other entrepreneurs.

• Walk away with the insight to develop positioning that makes an impact.

The course includes live workshops, worksheets, exercises, and Q&As.You can learn more about the course by clicking the link in the comments.

Here's what a couple of people from the first cohort said:

"Mark's positioning course was a great jumping-off point for honing in on positioning and competitive strategy. Each session was a mix of lectures and intimate group discussion/collaboration, which helped solidify positioning concepts. Mark knows his stuff and did a great job coaching me as I worked through his positioning exercises." - Adam Buettner, Marketing Manager, Webstacks

"Mark's program is incredibly insightful. It forces business owners to ask some of the hard questions to get to the heart of our ideal prospects' needs, the value we bring and how to merge the two together for highly effective positioning." - Alyssa Milot, The Zen Strategy

Learn more and register for the course here.

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