August 22, 2021

The reason why “high-quality” content often fails to resonate

A simple and obvious rule about content.

It has NOTHING to do with what you want to say. It has EVERYTHING to do with what your audience wants to see, hear, and watch.

It’s about them, not you. I told you it was obvious advice.

Many companies create “high-quality” content but it fails to make an impact. Marketers scramble to optimize keywords, pump out a flurry of social media posts, and distribute content everywhere. And the content still doesn’t resonate.

Instead of doing that, do this:
– Learn about much as you can about your prospects and customers. What are their problems, dreams, and questions?
– Dance where the party is happening. Publish in places where your audience hangs out.
– While you’re at it, use the right dance moves. There’s little value in doing the Cha-Cha (long-form content) when the audience likes to do the Mambo (250-word posts.)

Content thrives when companies are customer-centric (a term thrown around a lot recently) rather than product-centric. It’s about content that makes customers smarter, more informed, productive, and confident.

The best content-driven companies think and act like publishers in furious competition for people’s time and attention. They understand that if their content sucks, the audience goes somewhere else and stays there.

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