May 16, 2021

Why B2B SaaS conferences could disappear soon

Dramatic statement alert: B2B SaaS conferences are dying.
Conferences are coming back but the future looks bleak.
As Chris Walker wrote recently on LinkedIn, B2B customers have so much information at their fingertips.
They can watch, listen, read, talk, and compare to their heart’s content before making a purchase.
Want to connect with someone? Jump on a Zoom call. Want to see a product in action? Book a demo.
Why would anyone need to attend or sponsor a conference? What’s the purpose, other than throwing a bone to an employee?
If B2B conferences don’t disappear, there will definitely be fewer of them. B2B companies will look at their conference investments and move a lot of those dollars to other marketing activities.
They will focus on the conferences that generate ROI rather than attending/sponsoring just because rivals are sponsoring.
Conferences have enjoyed a good, long, and profitable ride. But the days of people getting together for mediocre programming, unhealthy food, and worthless swag are done like dinner.
If you’re a B2B company, what’s your conference plan? How do you measure ROI?

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