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Two Powerful Marketing Tools: Surprise and Delight

Two of the most powerful marketing tools are:

Surprise and delight.

Customers like it when you do the unexpected, go the extra mile, or make them happy.

It shows that you're empathetic, listening, and value their business.

A case in point is a recent purchase from Harry's, Inc.

While ordering razors, Harry's offered a "mystery" gift for $8.It was a classic upselling move, but Harry's didn't promote it that way.

The upsell was positioned as a positive or bonus. It was something that Harry's wanted to do for me.

Now, that's great customer marketing!

When the order arrived, I was excited about the bonus; the razors were the supporting actor.

And I was pleased (although not ecstatic) about the face cream in the mystery bag.It was a customer-centric experience, even if it did boost my shopping cart.

But it was a great example of how companies need to think about sales as more than transactions.

Sales involve emotions and experiences before, during, and after.

At a time of challenging sales and fickle customers, the post-purchase experience is more important than ever.

How are you delighting or surprising your customers?

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