April 19, 2023

The Biggest Driver of Brand Positioning ROI

When doing brand positioning, the journey is the destination.

ROI is powered by going through the process.

The value comes from an in-depth exploration of your customers, competitors, and product.

It’s taking the time to do some serious navel-gazing to understand the key business pillars.

It surfaces insight and narratives that can surprise and inspire.

A few months ago, I was doing positioning for a condo management software company.

Midway through the process, the story began to emerge about how the company’s value and how it is different.

The chief revenue officer was so excited that he started to tell it at conferences and demos. And he discovered that it resonated with prospects.

At that point, you could argue the positioning exercise was a success even though we hadn’t finished deliverables like value propositions, brand positioning statement, a competitive audit, and messaging for the Website and social media.

The best part of positioning is taking the time and effort to do it and recognizing that ROI happens in ways that often can’t be measured.

The question of positioning deliverables arose when I interviewed Clay Ostrom on my podcast.

“It’s giving yourself space and dedicated space to think about this stuff and not just go through the check boxes of what we’ve always done.”


My spikey point of view is that brand positioning underpins everything: marketing, sales, HR, product development and raising capital.

I just launched a cohort-based course that will help improve your positioning in less than 30 days. More details here.

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