November 30, 2020

One Big Reason Why Taylor Swift is a Marketing Genius

Taylor Swift’s new “folklore” album is excellent.
I listened to it while driving my daughter to visit a university.
While I’d be happy to offer more thoughts, let’s veer back to business.

taylor swift folklore

Swift’s album is a reminder of how she’s a great marketer.
Over her career, Swift has shown a willingness for change.
Her music has evolved and surprised.
Some people pine for her Nashville roots while others love her embrace of different styles.
But Swift follows her own path. She’s unwilling to use the same formula, even if it’s wildly successful.
For marketers, this is an important lesson.
We stick to what we know. If we’re content marketers, we keep creating content.
Why change?
Why explore marketing that makes you uncomfortable?
It’s easier to keep on doing what you’ve always done.
That’s fine but it’s not a long-term formula for success.
At some point, your approach is outdated. Your career stalls. You’ll be pigeon-holed as an old-school marketer.
It would have been easy for Swift to keep making albums like “Fearless” but she didn’t do that.
Marketers must embrace the same approach. What you do today won’t be as effective or successful tomorrow.
Evolve or die.

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