July 23, 2013



As social media started to hit the mainstream in 2008, Sysomos was ready to launch a new and innovative social media monitoring and analytics platform. The company, which emerged from research at the University of Toronto, had extensive marketing needs – everything from core messaging and Website content to marketing collateral and media/blogger outreach.


Hired on a retainer basis, I worked with Sysomos’ co-founders Nilesh Bansal and Nick Koudas to establish the company’s core messaging. I then played a key role in driving the company’s marketing, which included work on the following projects:

  • Created extensive content for the corporate Website, including key messaging

  • Launched a corporate blog that established Sysomos as one of the leaders within the social media marketplace.

  • Developed scripts and helped to produce a series of videos for Sysomos and its products.

  • Created a series of mini-reports about social media activity that generated extensive blog and media coverage.


Sysomos established itself as one of the leading players within the social media monitoring and analytics industry, which included being regarded as a key thought leader. This helped to drive Sysomos’ brand and awareness of its two products, MAP and Heartbeat. In July 2010, (less than two years after its launch), Sysomos was acquired by Marketwire.

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