December 1, 2004

Switching to Sprint

In the name of "research", I recently  decided to switch my local phone

service to Sprint from Bell. It was a relatively pain-free experience with

only a few technical glitches. That said, I can inderstand why Sprint has

its hands full to convince consumers to come on over. The first challenge is

comfort/laziness. Why switch when Bell's service is good and prices seem

reasonable? There is even more of a disincentive if you also have high-speed

Internet access from Bell. The other issue is price: until the current

price-cap regime rolls over in 2006, it will be hard for circuit-switch

rivals to under-cut Bell. This means Sprint has to compete on a convenient

bundle of services. If you are a multi-feature user and eat up a lot of long

distance minutes, Sprint appears to be an attractive option.

Still, I wonder what impact VOIP will have on circuit-switch providers such

as Sprint and Bell. Will the technology improve to the point where having

traditional local service makes no sense if you have a high-speed connection

given that voice will be just another application? I don't see this scenario

happening any time soon but there is no doubt circuit-switch is starting to

slowly fade.


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