March 8, 2022

The keys to a successful Website refresh

Planning a website redesign?

It’s way more work than you think. And it takes more time.

You need to think about:
– Colors: stick with the existing palette or embrace a new approach?
– Typography: even if you’re not a font geek (like me! ), you need to choose a font that reflects your brand.
– Graphics: custom-made illustrations, off-the-shelf graphics, original photos, or stock photos?
– Copy: words still matter. Clear and compelling copy engages, educates and converts. It stops people in their tracks. Bad copy is a conversion killer.
– Design: a huge challenge because what looks good is so subjective.

My advice:
– Start with goals and what visitors should do. What does success look like?
– Invest in copywriting. Good copywriters are gold.
– Build a library of websites that you like. The more guidance that a designer receives, the better and faster job they will do.
– Select a project manager to oversee the process.
– Don’t underestimate the amount of time needed to complete the project.

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