January 6, 2022

If you don’t stand apart, you’re sadly just like everyone else

It was a perfect winter night. Crisp air. No wind.

My wife excitedly went to play shinny hockey.

10 minutes later, she was back.

It turned out that everyone had the same idea about playing.

One look at the bench bursting with players made my wife realize there were too many players.

Fierce competition is a reality for entrepreneurs looking to launch a product.

Nearly every market has dozens, if not hundreds, of competitors offering the same product at the same prices.

And it’s not enough to make a quality product. It’s not enough to work really hard.

When there are too many options, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.
To thrive or even survive, you have to stand out.

You need to discover what makes your brand or product unique, even in a small way.

It could be how a product is made (e.g. oat milk with no sugar like Oat Canada), great customer service, everyday low prices, user-friendly UX, or speed of delivery.

Unless you’re differentiated, you risk walking, talking, and looking like everyone else.

Whether it’s a DIY exercise or involves a third party, you need to develop strategic positioning and rally around it.

It’s about being crystal clear about four pillars:
– What do you do
– Who you serve
– Why does what you do matter to them
– How you’re unique.

It’s like a puzzle. You need to put the pieces together and discover how you’re going to stand apart.

If you’re looking for help with your positioning, let’s talk.

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