October 13, 2022

Should Every B2B SaaS Company Have a Podcast

A podcast is a powerful marketing and sales asset for B2B SaaS companies.

It allows companies to connect with prospects, customers, and influencers and spark the creation of content (blog posts, social media updates, videos).

But podcasts can be a hard sell for marketers.

One of the challenges is that a podcast’s value and ROI are more than data-driven.

If a CEO asks a marketer how a podcast’s success is measured, the answer could easily be, “Well, it’s complicated.”

A podcast is quantified by subscribers, downloads, and streams. That’s easy.

But a podcast also generates brand awareness, opportunities, word of mouth, buzz, and brand affinity.

To get insight into the B2B podcast landscape, I connected with Tom Hunt, founder of Fame.

We talked about:

- Whether companies are still enthusiastic about podcasts

- How to sell a podcast to a CEO or CMO

- The role and value of an internal podcast for employees

  • Whether CEOs understand their customers, and how a podcast and creating content is a great way to discover valuable insight.

Listen to the podcast.

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