October 11, 2019

Saying Sorry Takes Strength of Character, Not Guts

Seth Godin suggests that saying “sorry” takes “guts”
Personally, it has nothing to with guts, courage, sacrifice, or being a man/woman.
Saying “sorry” takes empathy, the ability to admit you’re wrong, and a willingness to feel uncomfortable.
Too often, we look to blame other people rather than accepting blame. It’s easier to not take responsibility or the blame.
But saying “sorry” is the right thing to do.
A great example is Josh Larsen, who was given a red card for an illegal shoulder during a World Cup rugby game against South Africa. After the game, Larsen visited the South African dressing room to apologize.
The South African response? Applause and a cold beer. That’s sportsmanship and the ability to accept a sincere apology.
Bottom line: When you screw up, drop the ball, or make a mistake, saying “sorry” is the right thing to do.

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